Strategic Plan | Our Mission

Hi, You’re at the Strategic Plan & Our Mission Statement for TASC!


Our Vision | Social Justice for all.

The Advocacy & Support Centre’s Mission

Our Mission:

  • To uphold principles of social justice and social activism in the delivery of all services.
  • To provide a range of collaborative social, legal and educational services to help people and communities in Queensland.
  • To identify and address client needs in a responsive, proactive and preventative manner.


Our Values:

  • Passion
  • Persistence
  • Caring client focus
  • Transparency
  • Best practice
  • Innovation
  • Accountability

Goal 1 –  Create and maintain systems that positively support across sectors and geographical regions.

Goal 2 – Ensure sustainability of TASC and its ability to continue to provide services to those in need through multiple funding sources.

Goal 3 –  Develop TASC’s reputation and profile through awareness of our service streams and programs. Gain positive attention, effective referrals and be recognised as an authority in areas of social justice.

Goal 4 – Capitalised on geographical strength by having a presence in and servicing the South West Queensland region with controlled expansion underlined by efficiency and quality considerations.

Goal 5 – Ensure that TASC clients have the best possible access to services by building stakeholder engagement with a key focus on gaining commitment from complimentary service providers e.g. Legal professionals providing pro bono services.

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