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Business Services Coordinator


Business Services Coordinator

Business Services & Administration Team

What I do at TASC

As Business Services Coordinator my role includes the management of the business services team which provides accounting/bookkeeping and payroll services to TASC. Other responsibilities include management of budgets and forecasts, internal and external financial reporting responsibilities, corporate governance, IT management and fundraising and sponsorship/grant management.


What I did before coming to TASC

Over the past 30 years I have built up broad range of experience in the areas of bookkeeping, payroll, data entry, financial management and governance, HR administration, project management, office & specialist practice management, events coordination, IT solutions and software training.

Previous work places include working for Qld Health (13 years), private legal and speciality firms and large corporations. I was also a member of the Army Reserves for 4 ½ years and am currently a volunteer with the Pyjama Foundation. Whilst this is the first Not-for-Profit organisation that I have worked for I am passionate about working for organisations that assist or provide services to improve the welfare and health of people within the community.


3 words to describe me

Happy, Passionate, Dedicated



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