TASC’s new Psychology services

TASC’s new Psychology services

TASC’s new Psychology services

Brand new office, same services for Wade

RURAL mental health has been on the agenda in a big way of late. One person with a serious interest in the conversation is Roma psychologist Wade Collinson. For around six years, Mr Collinson has operated a private practice in the Roma CBD, meeting with clients from near and far. Now, Mr Collinson is shutting up shop at the end of the year, to become the resident psychologist for TASC.

NEXT MOVE: Roma psychologist Wade Collinson will start working with TASC

“As a sole practitioner, I’m restricted in terms of the extent of the services I can provide”. “Working with TASC will allow me to have the opportunity to have more face to face contact,” Mr Collinson said. The benefits of Mr Collinson’s new role are mutual. As a Roma resident, Mr Collinson offers a deep understanding of the community and the surrounding district. “I’m actually coming from a place were I can relate to where my clients are coming from,” he said. Mr Collinson said his services would not differ from what his clients have come to expect. The only major change he expected was a decrease in his wait times.

TASC CEO, Phillipa Whitman, said Mr Collinson was uniquely placed to offer tailored services to the Maranoa. “We need the understanding and the empathy and responsiveness of Wade because he’s aware of the community,” Ms Whitman said. She said it was crucial to understand the specific mental health needs of the region. “I want to learn what the community needs, rather than what I think we can give them,” she said.

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