Customer Satisfaction and feedback

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At TASC we pay particular attention to Customer Satisfaction and feedback. We measure client satisfaction through the use of formal feedback via a Client Survey Form. Each client is sent this form on completion of their matter with TASC and can be completed anonymously.
TASC also receives significant client feedback informally through Thank You cards, Notes, Emails, Letters and verbal Testimonials.
We regularly review how we capture and measure client satisfaction and, above all, we want to listen to our clients!

Customer Satisfaction and feedback

“I can’t thank you enough for your help and expertise, but more importantly, your kindness, genuine sincerity and the gift that you have been given to be able to help others, including me and my children”.

“Having an advocate has lifted my spirits to much because I’ve previously isolated myself because I didn’t want to bother others”.

“Was scared of this whole process but your workers have been fantastic and made it quite stress free. A less daunting experience. Thank you”.

“Thank you TASC Team! This Toowoomba Community Legal Service Support Centre – helped and supported me with ‘my matter’. I would highly recommend this service for anybody who lives with a Disability”.

“I found your organisation’s embracing of technology to be of great interest – I’m sure you will go from strength to strength in your ability to connect with consumers as you utilise this innovative technology. We very much look forward to ongoing discussions and collaborative approaches to the ways our respective agencies are endeavouring to make positive differences in the lives of people in Toowoomba”.

A comment from Ms Helen Ferguson, Regional Director, Disability and Community Services, South West Region, Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services

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