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Business Services

Hi, You’re at the Business Services page for TASC!


Under Business Services you will find documents referring to the processes, directions & mechanisms under which TASC is directed.

TASC is a member of the National Association of Community Legal Centres (NACLC) Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) Scheme.


The Policy covers claims by employees, including volunteers, arising out of legal advice or services provided to the employee/volunteer by the Insured.


Cover has recently been extended to include situations where one Community Legal Centre provides advice or assistance to another Community Legal Centre. Accordingly, where a claim arises in circumstances where legal advice or assistance was provided to employees/volunteers of TASC or to other CLCs, it would fall within the professional indemnity cover provided by the Policy, subject to the terms and conditions of the Policy.


The NACLC Risk Management Guide continues to apply to CLCs for the provision of all professional services, irrespective of the identity of the client.


For more information about TASC’s Risk Management and governance protocols, please contact us



To download a copy of our membership form, please click here.


Becoming a member shows your support for the work of TASC and provides a valuable source of income.


Membership entitles you to receive a copy of TASC’s annual report and voting rights at the Annual General Meeting.


Continuous Improvement

TASC regularly undertakes internal evaluations and reviews of our organisational processes.  In the past year we have conducted the following evaluations and reviews:-

  • Mechanisms for continuous improvement practices
  • Data input and data integrity processes
  • Appropriateness of position descriptions
  • Client feedback mechanisms and consolidation of feedback responses
  • Policy effectiveness (with particular regard to Supervision of Legal Practices)
  • Conflict of Interest processes
  • Organisational culture
  • Service provision to our Cultural and Linguistically Diverse communities
  • Effective management systems for appropriate controls of privacy and confidentiality
  • Referral statistics and areas of unmet need
  • Effectiveness and timeliness of intake processes
  • Organisational skillset in response to identification and addressing of suicidal ideation/self-harm tendencies
  • Quality assurance reviews
  • IT systems with particular attention to hardware suitability
  • Staff induction processes
  • Learning and Development processes


At TASC we are committed to continuous improvement and strive to maintain  business practices that reflect best practice in the Sector.

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