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Our Business Performance

Business Performance

How do we monitor our business performance?

TASC Legal Sector and the Advocacy Sector are audited through the National Association of Community Legal Centres audit (Legal) and the Human Services Quality Framework audit (Advocacy).


TASC has a diverse approach in monitoring its business performance based upon our Strategic Plan. We use monthly individual staff meetings between staff and Sector Coordinators to embed and monitor the strategic goals of each sector of the organisation and personal Performance Effectiveness Plans to gauge progress.


The Management Committee is informed six weekly through Reports from Sector Coordinators in areas of Legal Services, Advocacy & Social Services, Business Services and Organisational Development.


The Chief Executive Officer has Key Performance Indicators to meet which are set and monitored by the Management Committee.


Financial forecasts and actuals are completed quarterly with quarterly acquittals to our funding providers. Performance Reports are completed quarterly by the Sector Coordinators to the relevant funding organisation in accordance with our Service Agreements. TASC completes an external financial audit each year with Sector external audits completed every 18 months.


Continuous quality improvement underpins what we do at TASC from our financial management, use of resources, client services delivery, staff development and business services.


TASC has a Quality Assurance Officer on staff who manages our Quality Improvement Register and ensures that changes are completed in a methodical way with the appropriate supporting documentation.


Performance is also measured from direct client satisfaction survey results.

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