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Disability Advocacy is an independent individual advocacy organisation for people with a disability in Toowoomba and South West Queensland.


Disability Advocacy advocates for justice and equity in the lives of people with disability. The service provides free advocacy to adults with disability across the South West Region.

Service Area
Toowoomba and South West Region

How do I access Services?
Contact TASC
Toowoomba   07 4616 9700
Ipswich           07  3812 7000

Cost of Service?
We provide free advocacy to adults with disability.

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Disability Advocacy Service

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What is Disability Advocacy?

What is Disability Advocacy?
The Disability Advocacy Service advocates for justice and equity in the lives of people with a disability. This is done by speaking, writing and acting for the individuals to ensure needs are being met and rights are upheld in the wider community. The service strives to empower and encourage individuals and communities to advance the interests of people with a disability and their families.

What can Disability Advocacy provide?

  • Individual advocacy services.
  • Encouragement for individuals and communities to advance the interests of people with a disability & their families
  • A network including individuals and organisations to advocate against unfair and unjust actions effecting the lives of people with a disability.
  • An effective, efficient, flexible and accountable service that evolves, works out and reflects advocacy principles and practices
Who Should Contact the Disability Advocacy Program?

Anyone can contact the Disability Advocacy program if you feel you have been discriminated against because of your disability, that your needs and rights are not upheld or you are not sure where to go for help.

Getting ready to talk to TASC

When I call TASC what happens?
  • You contact TASC
  • Reception will complete a conflict of interest check. If a conflict exists, you will be referred to another service
  • Reception will ask a series of questions about yourself and your matter, to complete the Intake process
  • Your enquiry will be forwarded to an Advocate
  • The Advocate will call you and discuss your matter
  • Your matter may be resolved at this time. If your matter is complex the Advocate will make a one hour appointment with you at this time
  • Appointments are usually held at TASC but can be made to suit individual needs i.e. a hospital


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